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Transperra Benefit Strategies

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Our Story

Health insurance is far too expensive, virtually unusable, and offers little benefit to most. According to the IRS, the Median household income in the US is $71,186. The average single health insurance premium is $5,330.00 annually, $13,998 for family coverage. The maximum out-of-pocket limit for 2023 is $9,100 for individual plans and $18,200 for family plans. If one of these families has a wrong claims year, they spend roughly 26% of their household income on care. What happens if it is a chronic issue and they meet that amount annually? Bankruptcy! Face it, health "benefits" are not benefits anymore. This unsustainable problem results in 45% of employees forgoing health insurance due to these outrageous costs with no end in sight. Furthermore, employers' prices spiral out of control in what is often their second most significant company expense besides payroll.

Health insurance may seem broken, but it is not. The system works precisely how it is intended for those it is designed to work for. It's just not to the benefit of the consumers. Instead, business owners need help offering excellent health insurance to employees at a cost that doesn't continue to hurt both sides. With Transperra Benefit Strategies, you can genuinely benefit your employees without skipping other vital company resources. 

Transperra Benefits Strategies provides group primary medical insurance that is affordable and sustainable.

  • Competitive rates that will decrease over time, not go up

  • $0 out-of-pocket for employees now and in the future- access to free healthcare procedures

  • Employers regain control of an essential budget line item and restore control of their health plan.


As a small employer with 17 employees, I struggle with health insurance. Our increase two years ago eliminated any hope I had of hiring another sales rep for new market expansion. The dilemma was even more frustrating as every employee on our health plan complained non-stop that deductibles were going from $2500 to $5000. It was all we could do to afford the program anymore, even with the deductible increase. Two employees dropped coverage due to cost and were going without anything. Like many small businesses, I employ several friends and family members, so I want to offer the best and ensure they are protected; I couldn't afford it anymore. 

Finally, a forward-thinking broker brought me Transperra Benefit Strategies to consider. It was unlike anything I had ever heard and offered real solutions to my problems. It was unwilling to pass more cost to employees who couldn't afford it. We had passed the increase to them three years in a row. So we switched and started offering insurance that gave everyone ZERO deductibles and out-of-pocket, and our premium costs decreased. Now, I am interviewing for a new sales rep.

Louisville KY

My doctor referred me to the local hospital that owned her practice for my upcoming surgery. I didn't know any better, so I said ok. Upon speaking with the Transperra Pathfinder, I learned the total cost of the procedure would be just over $190,000.00, and my portion through deductibles and coinsurance would be $9000.00. With a salary of $46,000.00, I would need more money to afford it. I completely forgot that we had Transperra until a coworker suggested I call. I am so glad I did. It may have saved me from bankruptcy. I spoke to their knowledgeable and friendly Pathfinders team, who found an option for me. 

I had to drive about 45 minutes from my house, but the entire procedure cost went from roughly $190,000.00 to $23,500.00. The best part was that my only cost in the procedure was my gas. So the whole medical process cost me nothing. So now I'm back to doing what I love and thrilled I called Transperra. In the future, I will tell my co-workers to "know before you go."

Elkhart IN

I needed a total knee replacement. After years of pain and treatment, it was time to finish it. I asked several of my friends who have knee replacements which they recommend. Two of them mentioned one surgeon, so I decided to try them. I like him. He made me feel very comfortable when I was very nervous. I did not call Transperra as I should have, but when my doctor called for the pre-cert, which was required, they called me. They explained that I was subject to my deductible and other out-of-pocket costs. They also explained the quality ratings of the facility I had chosen and gave me information for review. The more I read, the more my nervousness returned.

The next day I asked them to see what else was available. About 3 hours later, they called and suggested a new place with higher quality scores and less than half the price. They also waived my entire deductible and out-of-pocket as a bonus because I saved the plan so much money. This result is how insurance should be. Information is the key. "Know before you go."

Cincinnati OH
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